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Food, Drink and Year-end Cheer Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV — Belgium

April 2020

Evie Lootens is a sales and marketing assistant at Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Living Environment Systems in Loppem, Belgium. She works on marketing activities throughout the country, both online and offline, including brand-awareness campaigns, communications with customers and consumers, attending fairs and other events, organising events for consumers, sales actions and working with printed materials, online tools and POS materials. In addition, she also helps to coordinate internal events.

One such event is the company’s annual Christmas party. It’s a chance for co-workers to get together in a different environment, relax and get to know each other, in order to help form bonds that will help them work together more smoothly and effectively as a team.

As an organiser of the event, one of Evie’s responsibilities is choosing an appropriate location. This year, she selected the Hotel Donny in De Panne, roughly a 50-kilometre drive from the office in Loppem. The event included an overnight stay, so Evie wanted a place that would be convenient for everyone to reach. She also worked out a schedule, which included activities that would be suitable for all of the attendees, would not take up too much time and would foster a greater team spirit.

Everyone gathered at the hotel in the evening, where they were welcomed with a drink. Afterwards, they participated in a sushi workshop, learning to make their own sushi, which they would eat together. This was followed by a reception and dinner. Once they had finished eating, they chatted over drinks at the bar, discussing work, hobbies and more. Co-workers had a chance to laugh with and learn about each other before turning in for the night. The next morning, they got together for a relaxing breakfast, before the conclusion of the event.

The sushi workshop was a particular highlight. It was chosen because Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese brand, and it was an especially good fit because Belgian people often gather together to indulge in food and drinks at the end of the year.

Team building is a crucial part of making a company run successfully. Giving workers a chance to get together in a different environment and connect with one another reminds them that they are all striving towards the same goal. It also provides fresh perspectives that can move the company in a more successful direction. As a new year begins, it’s important to evaluate where you are now and look towards what’s coming up on the horizon.

The Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Living Environment Systems Centre in Loppem, Belgium

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