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Living Environmental Systems

Intelligent cooling, heating and ventilation with Mitsubishi Electric

We have the right solution for every project – whether at home, in the office or in industrial locations. Our systems impress with their low-noise operation, their energy efficiency and their minimal impact on the environment.

Our air conditioning systems and heat pumps at a glance:

The M Series: the right choice for more interior comfort

At home, in doctors' surgeries, offices or retail outlets, the M Series of air conditioners is the ideal choice for more interior comfort. They provide warmth on cold days – and a refreshingly cool atmosphere on hot days. The visually appealing design air conditioners are ideal for small to medium-sized spaces and very energy efficient.

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The Mr. Slim Series: air conditioning systems for commercial applications

The Mr. Slim Series offers an energy-saving, powerful and robust air conditioning solution that ensures a comfortable interior climate in offices, restaurants, shops and technical rooms. It is ideal for continuous use in medium-sized spaces.

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City Multi systems: Air-conditioning and heating solutions for modern and complex buildings

Whether for hotels, office buildings or shopping centres, the City Multi series is ideal for large and complex buildings that require individual air-conditioning solutions. With its intelligent control system, it is highly energy-efficient, offers outstanding comfort and is easy to plan and implement.

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Ecodan heat pumps: economical and efficient heating of residential and business premises

In new buildings or refurbishments – Ecodan heat pumps are used for heating residential and business premises as well as providing domestic hot water. They use the environmental energy stored in the air and earth and are an environmentally sound, economical and efficient heating solution.

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Control and Cloud systems

The right control system for any application, with local or centralised remote control – suitable for small or large systems, for private users and for professional building managers. Control of air conditioning, heat pump and ventilation systems as well as central monitoring and system analysis – anytime, anywhere.

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Lossnay ventilation systems: for energy-efficient ventilation or simply providing fresh air

Intelligent ventilation with Lossnay – the solution that provides the necessary amount of fresh air in air-conditioned spaces. Lossnay ventilation units can be used for central and decentralised installation as well as in combination with other air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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Chillers for comfort and process cooling applications

The water-driven systems for process cooling and air conditioning are a reliable solution for maintaining production processes and industrial quality standards. In some cases, they already meet the requirements of the Eco Design regulations that will come into force from 2021.

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IT cooling: refrigeration technology for IT solutions

Modern refrigeration technology and well thought-out solutions for IT applications, sophisticated data centres and telecommunications projects. Professional solutions for technical room air conditioning ensure trouble-free operation of sensitive technology.

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Jet Towel: high-speed hand dryer

Jet Towel is the modern alternative for areas with high footfall. Conventional roller towels and paper towels quickly reach their capacity limits in places where lots of people need to wash their hands. Jet Towel dries hands thoroughly in seconds thanks to state-of-the-art jet air nozzles.

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Door air curtain: ideal room air in entrance areas

The quietly powerful door air curtain ensures clean room air at a constant temperature in entrance areas. The curtain creates a wall of air that protects the interior from temperature fluctuations and air pollution and saves a huge amount of energy.

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